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During this special time,in fact dhl shipment is very high now. But we do not want to add any additional cost for customers compared with usual cz we really appreciate to your love and trust. Hope all of you could support and love us all time. ❤️ 

Most of the shoes in Kisswing need to be customized, like swing dance shoes,casual shoes,boot...the ordering period is according to the order season, please understand. All of our pictures are taken in kind, the material details are marked on the page, please feel free to order.

Welcome to Kisswing shoes, in order to better serve you, please take a few minutes to find out:
Q: I heard that customization is very troublesome?
A: In order to meet everyone's needs, Kisswing is doing micro-customization. It only needs to determine a few items. There is no big difference in buying shoes on usual time.

Q: How to customize?
A: 1. Choose your favorite shoe style.
    2. Choose your favorite color. We have hundreds of colors, solid colors, color matching, and contrast colors, which are up to you. If you want picture color and don not know which is picture color  number,please just leave message that you want picture color.
    3. Choose the heel type you like. Flat heel, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6.5cm, 7cm, bold heel, slim heel, ,all flat style could make 2cm heel if you do not like flat.You could choose the heel height according to your preferences and habits,for swing dancers we suggest 3cm-5cm bold heel.

Q: Is my foot small (large) customizable?
A: Most of our shoes support size31-43, please refer to the page size chart. We could also make wide size for shoes, please leave message on message box if you need when you place the orders.

Q: Are the handmade shoes comfortable?
A: Kisswing shoes are made with traditional shoe-making techniques. Comfort and durability are the main features. The downside is the shoes are not that stereotyped compared with those are made by the assembly line.   

    As a result of pure handmade not machine, real leather shoes with a small amount of glue can not be avoided (especially the suede outsole), hand touching or on using process can be removed.You may also see some highlight pencil mark sometimes,which means all the process is hand-made. It will disappear when you polish and maintain your leather shoes.Fine defects are not the quality problem of products . But if you really mind , please place order carefully.Thanks.

Q: I heard that custom shoes can't be returned?
A: Kisswing shoes are customized according to your preferences and needs, the product itself is difficult to sell twice, non-quality problems can not support the return.So please measure and confirm your foot length according to our size suggestion.

If you want to change the pair because of quality problem,please contact us and send the before pair (Keep new condition) to our US warehouse ,we 'll make a new pair for you.

For details, please refer to the homepage Menu-FAQ-Product quality.

Q: How long does it take to make?
A: The non-order season is about 20-30 days include shipment, and the peak season may be delayed . Please refer to the Menu-FAQ for details. If you have hurry order, please contact us to confirm time first.

Q: Is the upper true leather?
A: All styles of materials will be indicated on the details page, all true leather.

The patent leather on the color card page is also cowhide material, which requires +5usd due to different costs. Please understand. If you are a vegetarian, we also offer a choice of simple microfiber colors (like black white,red,gold,silver) and special smooth dance TPR outsole for you,please leave message about it if you need.

Our shoes insole update to pig leather now because most of our customers want leather insole instead of fabric insole. Of course if you want our skin-friendly fabric insole before is also okay,we'll have a special discount ($10) for it, code is 'FABRIC'.

The function of pig leather and cowhide insoles are similar,just skin textures are different.Cowhide has finer pores than pigskin,the feet feeling is better.Color of leather insole can not choose because of different batches.The extra charge for the cowhide insole is $5


Q: Do you have discounts for some shoes to one place?

A: We'll have special discount for small batch shoes purchasers and distributors,please contact us for details.


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