Outsoles and insoles


Hard leather layer is all suit for indoor and outdoor dance,perfect for swing dancer lovers.The extra charge is $10.(Suede and TPR outsoles do not need to pay extra.)

If you choose hard leather outsole just for usual wear,we could help to add anti-slip layer for free,please leave massage “add non-slip”.

We use special designed fabric insole for shoes (default). It is breathable and absorbent.You could also upgrade to leather insole(more breathable) if you have more sweat on feet.

There are pigskin and cowhide insoles to choose from.Their function is similar,just skin textures are different.Cowhide has finer pores than pigskin,the feet feeling is better.Color of leather insole can not choose because of different batches.The extra charge for the leather sole is $8-$10

All outsole and insoles choice please check the details below~


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